Ariana Grande Seriously Nerds Out With 'Star Wars'-Themed 'Break Free' Lyric Video

See you at Comic-Con, bb?

Like mother, like daughter -- Ariana Grande's new lyric video for "Break Free" is "Star Wars"-themed, and we're guessing her mom, Joan, is pretty stoked right now.

Grande dropped the video for the dance-y, Zedd-featuring track Tuesday (July 7) -- off of upcoming record My Everything -- and those of you who haven't being slumbering under a stone for the last 30+ years will immediately recognize the scrolling text over the star-studded background as a crib on the opening sequence of the sci-fi classic.

Grande is no stranger to the film (I mean, who really is?) -- last month, she posted a video of her mom going on a seriously inside-baseball rant about "Star Wars" to Instagram. She's also said that "Break Free" was inspired by likes of campy sci-fi film "Barbarella."

Dare we say it...? Nerd alert!

Check out the video above and her live debut of the jam on "Total Ariana Live" below: