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Is Lady Gaga Shopping For A Wedding Dress? See The Pics

Are Gaga and Taylor Kinney tying the knot?!

Lady Gaga and Taylor Kinney are getting married?!?

Now before we all lose our minds, let's look at the facts and evidence. Yes, the ARTPOP singer and the "Chicago Fire" star have been together for almost two years, but that doesn't mean that they're tying the knot. Rumors circulated back in May, when the actor was seen wearing a ring, but you know -- phones flip images, so we have to throw that clue out.

Here's another clue you may want to consider though: Gaga was snapped vintage gown-shopping with her mother while in Toronto. And although shopping for eccentric garb isn't that surprising for Mother Monster, she is with her mom ... and those big, poofy dresses do look like you could walk down an aisle in them.

Well, decide for yourself.

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