Joe Manganiello Is Writing A 'True Blood' Spin-off For Alcide

No, seriously, though.

reporting by Josh Horowitz

Warning -- massive "True Blood" spoilers for the July 6 episode ahead!

So like it or not (and if the answer is "like it," then you're a monster) Alcide Herveaux died on "True Blood" last night. He got shot in the face by some unnamed hillbilly, and it sucked. In fact, it sucked so bad that actor Joe Manganiello has been very not-shy in telling the media that he also thinks that it sucks. But there is a silver lining, folks -- Manganiello told MTV News during a recent sit-down that he's penning, you guessed it, an Alcide spin-off!

"I would love to do an Alcide movie at some point," he said. "I'd love to do a one-off, a spin-off adventure somewhere, in the way that Wolverine had... I'd love to be able to do that, in the world of werewolves. I actually started writing a script, and was thinking maybe one of these days I'll call up Charlaine [Harris, who wrote the 'True Blood' books]; take her up on that offer. She said if I ever came to her house she'd make me dinner, so maybe I'll go down to her house and pitch it to her."

Sounds like a solid idea to us -- and largely due to Manganiello's next point, which is that "the werewolf" movie has largely fallen by the wayside, in favor of its more vampiric cohorts.

"Nobody's really done the werewolf movie right, to me," Manganiello continued. "I just don't know that anybody's really got it right. 'True Blood' was right on the edge of it. It was there. If we take it the next step further, it could go."

Joe, we're pretty sure there are at least 10 zillion shirtless Alcide fans who would agree with you.