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Did Ja Rule Really Beat Up 50 Cent? 'Absolutely'

The rivalry continues.

This isn't the first time Ja Rule has told the story of when he beat up 50 Cent, but it might be the most animated.

In an interview with "Ebro in the Morning" on Hot 97, which aired Monday (July 7), Ja recounts a day, over a decade ago, when he says he handed Fif a beatdown in Atlanta.

"We get to talking, and the talk got heated because I got mad, and I start screaming at him and telling him that he was a bitch and this that and the third," the Queens native recalled, telling a story he highlights in his new book, "Unruly: The Highs and Lows of Becoming a Man."

"And so he swings at me. He caught me a little bit, but I dipped it. And then hit him with the bat."

It didn't end there, of course.

Ja says when he got back to New York, he heard that his rival had been saying that he knocked him out and took his chain. That's not the way it went, though, the rapper insists.

But he's not out to reignite the past or cause further issues. "I wrote a book about my life, I had to put the story in the book," he said.

There's also the time he tried to shed light on a restraining order 50 took out on him, but says he was brushed aside.

"I remember a moment of bringing paperwork up to Hot 97 that had 50's name -- what's the other dude's name in the group? Yayo," he said. "I had actual, factual documents of them having the restraining order against us. And people said, Ah, man, he doctored that. He made that up in the lab. I don't got time for sh-- like that."

More than anything, it seems like Ja is trying to speak on what he feels is the truth of their embattled relationship.

"For people to look at the situation like I was the sucka in the situation, it's just not so."

Rule also recently announced that he has plans to drop a new album, Genius Loves Company, in 2015.