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Harry Styles Covers His NSFW Twitter Tracks With These Cuddly Kitten Photos

Dude learned the hard way that people can see your favorited tweets.

In case you missed it, some eagle-eyed individuals discovered that One Direction's Harry Styles had favorited a massively NSFW photo on Twitter, captioned: "RETWEET if you'd lick me clean." And yes, it's exactly what it sounds like.

The hashtag #HarryDontLickAnything is currently trending, but those Directioners are kinda stressing over nothing, TBH. I mean, technically Harry didn't retweet the photo as directed -- he merely favorited it. But, I guess that's neither here nor there ...

Apparently alerted to the discovery, the "You & I" singer has since scrubbed his Favorites feed of the pornographic tweet in question. While he hasn't addressed the situation directly, Harry has since favorited 12 ridiculously adorable pictures of kittens and puppies and oh my god look at this basket full of pitbull bbs.

Harry also appears to have tweeted a tongue-in-cheek reference to the NSFW photo earlier on Monday (July 7), asking his followers about the weather.

Today's weather forecast? Cloudy with a chance of shrug emoticons, I'd say.