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Marvel To Unveil A New 'Captain America'

New superhero will replace Steve Rogers in the uniform.

Move over, Captain America: here comes... a new Captain America?

As just revealed by Marvel Comics, the publisher will be replacing Steve Rogers (played on screen by Chris Evans) with a new character in the uniform, starting this Fall in "Captain America #25."

In the storyline, Cap has lost the super-soldier serum that kept him young, reducing him to a feeble, 90-year-old man with a keen strategic mind. Stepping into a supervisory role, Cap will choose someone else to wear the stars and stripes, though Marvel isn't prepared to say exactly who yet.

Marvel Comics

“There are a number of changes that happen with the new Captain America that allow me to write and tell stories from a perspective that’s quite different from a WWII soldier and a child of the Great Depression," writer Rick Remender told "It offers up a lot of new opportunities and a lot of new drama as well as getting to tell Captain America stories with an entirely different character, a character I have a real affinity for and like to write. I think the fans will dig what we’ve got coming up."

Smart money has put the new guy in the costume as Sam Wilson, a.k.a. The Falcon. Played on-screen by Anthony Mackie, a figure many fans think is Cap's sometimes sidekick showed up on a recent cover of the "Avengers" comic in a glimpse towards the future, holding Cap's signature shield. He's also been playing a significant role in the currently running comic, adding fuel to that fire.

Whether that turns out to be true or not, this won't be the first time Steve Rogers has stepped aside for another superhero. In a recent criticially acclaimed storyline, Cap "died," leaving his costume and shield to Bucky Barnes, a.k.a. The Winter Soldier. Because comics, Cap came back to life and Bucky relinquished the uniform.

And if Sam Wilson steps into the outfit, it won't even be the first African-American Captain America: a controversial comic from 2003 titled "Truth" revealed that before Steve Rogers received the super soldier serum, it was tested on African-American soldiers — a parallel to the real-life Tuskegee experiments held during World War II.

"Captain America #25" will be released this Fall.