Here's Your First Look At 'Walking Dead' Season Five

Carol and Tyreese, sitting in the trees…

There's no escape from the "Dead."

With four months between now and the return of "The Walking Dead," AMC is wasting no time getting the hype machine back in action. The basic cable channel aired a full series "Walking Dead" marathon over the holiday weekend, capped off with a special "Talking Dead" that previewed a new scene from the upcoming fifth season.

Check that scene out for yourself:

Nothing too mind-blowing; it's just Carol and Tyreese, hiking through the forest, doing their best to protect themselves and Baby Judith Grimes from an oncoming horde of walkers. It's basically exactly where we left that storyline off — and, in fairness, it's probably the only story that the "Walking Dead" team can show off right now, considering that literally every other major character is currently imprisoned at Terminus right now.

Or are they?

An earlier preview suggests that folks like Daryl, Maggie, Glenn and more may already be on the run in season five's earliest episodes, based on interview footage that showed many of the show's cast members in the same forest setting we see in the Tyreese/Carol clip. Could a jail break be on the immediate horizon when "Walking Dead" returns? Will the prisoners of the "A" train bust out before Carol and Tyreese even have the chance to help them out?

"The Walking Dead" returns in October.