See Mia's Best Moment In A New 'If I Stay' Clip

Chloë Grace Moretz has cello in hand in this new peek at the film.

"If I Stay" is probably best known in advance for its heartbreaking premise; it tells the story of Mia, age 17, who is caught in comatose limbo with a terrible choice to make after an accident kills her whole family.

But this new featurette from the film's French distributor proves that "If I Stay"— or "Si Je Reste," in French — won't be just a non-stop sob-fest, as we get a glimpse of Mia (Chloë Grace Moretz) in some of her happiest moments from her life before the tragedy. A cello is involved. Also, lots and lots of smooching with cutie-pie boyfriend, Adam (Jamie Blackley).

In addition to highlighting the way that music, and love, and love of music all weave together to form the heart of Mia's life, the clips seen here offer the first good look at Moretz playing her cello, a skill she learned just for the role. "If I Stay" hits theaters August 22.