Try And Name Every Taylor Swift BFF In This Photo

I mean, the list is pretty impressive.

Alright, Taylor Swift superfans: your time is now.

Because, holy cats, the Taylor Swift Best Friend Brigade is having a meeting this 4th of July weekend with a few of its east coast members and at this point, and even we, the pop culture obsessive that we are, cannot list every BFF in this photo. It is that epic a gathering, chockablock with some of our favorites—and Taylor's too, clearly!

It's up to you now, Tay fans, to act swiftly (har har har we're so clever and also modest), to hit the comments with a list of every famous biffle in this photo. Bonus points if some of them aren't famous and you still know their name anyway (that's serious TaySwift commitment). This is the moment for which you've all been waiting.

If you want to cheat a little bit, feel free to use this photo by Jaime King for assistance:

So let's go — who's who? Can you name them all?

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