‘Catfish’ Sleuth Nev Parties Like A Rock Star -- And Has The Scars To Prove It

What happens when the cameras stop rolling? The Internet detective and his partner Max tell all...

As they’ve traveled the country in search of online imposters, "Catfish" detectives Nev and Max have collected more than a few memories. One, in particular, is especially indelible for Nev because he has a permanent reminder of it.

“I don’t think we should go into all the details,” he says of one crazy evening after the duo had just finished filming Season 2 in Pensacola, Florida. “Let’s just say that I got this scar, [and] in the same night, Max and I got kicked out of our hotel."

He also describes the evening as "rock star" and "epic" -- despite the fact that they had to pack their belongings in just five minutes and high-tail it out of town at 4 a.m.

Max, meanwhile, insists that he and his partner aren’t “troublemakers,” but that their wild night came at “the end of a very, very long season, and we definitely let off some steam.”

So how exactly did Nev wind up with his wound? Watch the clip below, and be sure to tune in to the Season 3 finale at 10/9c!