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Broken 'Arrow': Stephen Amell Is Not In 'Batman V Superman'

Oliver Queen skips 'Dawn.'

It seems that every superhero in the known DC Universe will appear in "Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice." Every superhero, except for the Green Arrow.

Despite some rumors to the contrary, actor Stephen Amell does not have a role in director Zack Snyder's "Batman v Superman," according to the man himself. The "Arrow" star took to Facebook to let it be known loud and clear that he doesn't have anything to do with the upcoming superhero flick.

"I appreciate all the support and enthusiasm, but not everything I post is a cryptic indicator that I'm going to be in Batman V Superman," he wrote to his fans. "I'm not going to be in Batman V Superman."

If you really want to get cute, you can argue that Amell says "Batman V Superman," which isn't the film's title; it's "Batman v Superman," with a lowercase "v." Let that fuel the flame a little longer, if you're really desperate to see Amell's Oliver Queen up against Henry Cavill's Clark Kent and Ben Affleck's Bruce Wayne.

In reality, though, Amell's not likely to pop up in "Dawn of Justice." He's busy, busy, busy with "Arrow," entering its third season on The CW. To that end, Amell says that playing Oliver Queen on the small-screen is more than enough of a reward.

"Playing Arrow on television isn't a consolation prize," he wrote. "We play the definitive versions of our characters in the DC Universe."

"Arrow" returns on October 8, with "Batman v Superman" arriving on May 6, 2016.