Whose Voice Is That In The New 'Doctor Who' Trailer?

Things are getting really electric around here!

It may not be very patriotic of us to give a nod to our OG rulers the Brits on Independence Day, but dammit when a new teaser trailer for the eighth season of "Doctor Who" rolls out, regardless of the who/what/where/when/why/how, you pay attention.

It's The Doctor, you guys! Time and space are irrelevant when his TARDIS wheezes 'round our way.

The Peter Capaldi-fronted new iteration of the universe's most ubiquitous alien is set to hit television screens on August 23rd, and this teaser — along with that other one — leave us with little more than questions.

Is that Davros (creator of the Doctor's arch-enemy, the Daleks) talking to the Doctor? Why can he see into the Doctor's soul? Is his so-called beauty really debilitated by hatred? Isn't that what the 50th anniversary was supposed to squash? And why is the Doctor's right heart smaller than his left — or are we merely seeing things?

Just like the TARDIS, sometimes questions are bigger on the inside. Ooo-Wee-ooo!