Echosmith Took Over Our Instagram With 'Warped Tour' Madness

A glimpse at life on the road.

The siblings of Echosmith have been blazing across America, bringing their own brand of synthy, catchy indie pop to the ears of fans on the Warped Tour.

This teenage family act is on the cusp of hitting the big time—don't let their youth fool you. Sure, their oldest brother Jamie is barely of drinking age, and the youngest, Graham is 15 so he can't even drive... but that hasn't stopped them from getting major label attention.

We recently named them as one of our 2014 MTV Artists to Watch, and you can read their full story here.

Now, the group have begun their second stint on the Warped Tour, and what better time to let them take over MTV's Instagram account and give us a taste of life on the road?

"Cool Kids," their biggest single so far, just broke through the Top 40 and Echosmith show no signs of slowing down. Here's a peek into a typical day for the group.

Like the cool kids they are, the group remains unfazed by their success.

Or maybe they just need a little more coffee before they hit the stage? Touring is exhausting, after all. This photo reveals a little-known fact about Warped Tour—it involves a lot of parking lots.

Work hard, play harder. There's plenty of time to get a ride in before they hit the stage.

Sure, Warped Tour is tons of fun for fans, but let's not forget the artists need a little time for goofing off too. What's the deal with these bikes though? Are they scooters? Do they actually work? Were they made out of erector set? Hopefully, they avoided the crowds for a more peaceful ride—and hopefully the bikes held together.

Sydney Sierota is only 17, but she knows how to keep the crowd in the palm of her hand. And, that girl has got style.

It's nice to see a girl gracing that Warped Tour stage. Lacy dresses and rocking out don't have to be mutually exclusive at all!

Watch out, the Sierota siblings are poised to take over more than just our Instagram. First Warped Tour, then, the world!