Watch Selena Gomez's Naughty Trailer For 'Behaving Badly'

Film hits theaters August 1.

By Maurice Bobb

Apparently, Selena Gomez has fully embraced her dark side.

First, it was the raunchy dramedy “Spring Breakers,” and now it’s the teens going wild comedy, “Behaving Badly.”

In the new trailer released Thursday (July 3), Gomez’s Nina Pennington is the object of Nat Wolff’s Rick Stevens’ desire and he’ll do whatever it takes to win her heart.

The clip begins with Stevens trying to catch up on his confessions. He thinks it’s only been two months since his last confession, but the priest (Jason Lee) enlightens him that it’s been over three years.

The video then flashes to the beginning when Stevens introduces himself to Pennington, only to be admonished by her ex-boyfriend as a “douchebag” who will soon be a dead man.

Meanwhile, Stevens has a cougar named Pamela (Elisabeth Shue) who is willing to, shall we say, teach him the birds and the bees.

When Stevens’ sister’s brothel/party goes beyond full tilt, Pennington wants to know, “Why are all these girls naked?”

From there, the police are called, a little person is electrocuted by a power line that was shot down and Stevens’ lawyer Annette Stratton-Osborne (Heather Graham) is called on to fix the legal mess.

“At the rate your family and friends keep going to jail, you should put me on a permanent retainer,” she says.

“Behaving Badly” toilet papers theaters on August 1.