Aww, Look: The Internet Wants You To Cheer Up, Superman

Grey skies ARE gonna clear up, bub.

Aww shucks, superkid — why so glum? What is it about Zack Snyder's "Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice" that has both you and the bat one so down in the dumps? Is this, like, a seasonal affective disorder situation? (I mean, it does seem mighty rainy where you are.) Or are you just feeling generally ho-hum because it's hard to be a superhero?

After Henry Cavill's underpantsless superhero was revealed Thursday morning on Twitter, much of the Internet found itself concerned over the heavy emotional weight the boy from Krypton seems to be lost within. And in an uncharacteristic moment of concern, the Internet took pity on poor Kal-El and decided to cheer him up the only way they knew how: through the magic of photoshop.

Like this circus-y take:

Or this smirking equivalent of photoshop facial reconstruction:

This tender lover's embrace kills two birds with one stone (because man oh man does Snyder seem interested in super-sad superheroes):

So cheer up, buttercup! You're Superman -- don't let the rain get you down.

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