Paul Rudd Is At His Paul Rudd-iest In Couple's Baby Announcement

'Cuz she's 'Knocked Up.' Get it? GET IT?!

Goddamnit, Paul Rudd, you ageless, unnaturally kind and generally superchill dude and number one man on probably/literally everyone's sex list regardless of sexual or gender identity: why are you just so fantastic? How is it that you never cease to impress and amaze with your overall awesomeness? What is your trick? How do you make us love you with every single insignificant thing you do? Are you a sorcerer or a warlock? There are honestly not enough adjectives in the English language to describe you — that's how hyperbolic our appreciation of you is, Ruddy boy.

All of which was quadrupled when we saw this photo a Reddit user posted his pregnancy announcement photo (which under most circumstances would garner nary more than an "eh," if not a full-blown "ugh") wherein Rudd got in on the gag, complete with a reference to the Judd Apatow film "Knocked Up," in which he played a part.

How do you do it, Rudd? What is your secret? Tell us, tell us now! And for the love of Kelly Clarkson, never change, OK?