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Watch Kendrick Lamar Do Karaoke To Eminem, Jay Z And 50 Cent Songs

K. Dot tries his hand at some other artists' hits.

Have you ever wondered what Kendrick Lamar would sound like rapping one of Eminem's hits? What about Jay Z's? Or 50 Cent's?

Of course you have. Who cares when K. Dot's next album comes out? The real question is, what does he sound like rapping "My Name Is"?

Fear not, your questions have been answered. On Wednesday, which marked the two-year anniversary of the Los Angeles native dropping his indie album Section.80, XXL unearthed some old footage (they didn't specify exactly when it was from, but it seems likely that it was filmed around that time) of the "Swimming Pools" rapper trying his hand at some hits from hip hop biggest stars.

Not bad, Kendrick.