Why’d Lil Wayne Shout Out Jay Z On D’usse? Because ‘Hov Is The God’

'I'll give Hov a big shout out at all times,' Weezy tells MTV News.

(Wayne on Jay Z and his ’Krazy’ rapping on Tha Carter V)

We can’t start an official countdown to the release of Tha Carter V — since it could drop in July, August, or September — but, in the meantime, we can enjoy the fact that Lil Wayne is spazzing on every new track he drops. That includes his freestyle on “D’usse” where he gave an unexpected shout out to Jay Z.

And if you were wondering why he name-dropped Hov, well, the answer is pretty simple.

“Hov is the god — I’ll give Hov a big shout out at all times,” Wayne told MTV News on the set of his “Krazy” video in LA this week. “But we was just on that D’usse heavy. I don’t write none of my music — I don’t write it down, so I just go in there and say whatever come to my mind.”

“So what came to my mind that night, was what was on my mind that night,” he added, laughing.

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