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Harry Overload: Ariana Grande Busts Out Harry Styles Impression, Sorts Herself Harry-Potter Style

This might be peak Harriana TBH.

In case you missed it on "Total Ariana Live" on Wednesday night (July 2), Ariana Grande totally fangirled over two very famous Harrys: Harry Styles and Harry Potter. Sorry, Prince Harry, better luck next time.

First up, the oft-shirtless, ever-floppy-haired Harry Styles. After talking about "Just A Little Bit Of Your Heart," a song that the One Direction member wrote for Ariana's upcoming sophomore album, My Everything, the 2014 Video Music Awards performer even whipped out a killer impression of the Brit. ("Sure, mate!")

Speaking of British people (flawless transition), Ariana also revealed which Hogwarts house she would be sorted into, were she a character in the "Harry Potter" series. With her background in the arts, you're probably thinking she's a total Ravenclaw, right? Well, this is the part where I break free that fantasy into a million little shards because she's a Slytherin. You heard me, a Slytherin.