Tom Hines

Listening To Spoon's 'Do You' On Repeat Is Exactly How We'll Be Spending 4th Of July Weekend

While Spoon have covered most of the spectrum of the indie rock rainbow at this point in their lengthy career, there are typically two signature styles the Texas band's perfected over the course of their seven previous albums. Their eighth album, They Want My Soul, out August 15, find the band back in the familiar blues-pop-for-the-thinking-(and-drinking)-man territory that's earned them the kind of devoted fans who'd save their Spoon albums over their family photo albums in a house fire.

Their previously released (albeit "unofficially") single, "Rent I Pay" found Brit Daniel and company plying the dirtier, indie-blues side of their persona, with a gritty, thrusting momentum.

And now on "Do You", the first official single off of the band's new album, Spoon breezes along on gusts of romantic pining, with a lighter touch to the instrumentation, the piano playful, the guitars jaunty, and the vocals more laconically pop-centric in a way that feels like summer minus the sunny, schlocky, soda commercial nostalgia. There aren't many vocalists who can varying the inflection on a "dooo-wooo" and still imbue that poppy incantation with meaning.

Daniel has described They Want My Soul as "warmer and more inclusive," and based on the way "Do You" pulls the listener in, he sounds like he's right on target and right on schedule.