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What Does Superman Have Against Underpants?

Batman v Superman v boxer-briefs.

Clark! You forgot your underpants! Again!

In "Man of Steel," the newly designed Superman caused a bit of a stir when he arrived without red briefs hugging his blue uniform. It was a design choice that fell in line with Superman's comic book costume seen in the recently rebooted "New 52" DC Universe; but even then, Kal-El's paneled page counterpart at least had a red belt to break up the big blue onesie:

Jim Lee / DC Comics

For all of the faults you can lay at Zack Snyder's feet, design isn't one of them. Every one of his films — "Dawn of the Dead," "300," "Watchmen," "Sucker Punch" — features flawless costumes and exquisite eye-candy. Even "Man of Steel," which many took to task for how Superman handled the chaotic climax in Metropolis — even then, the chaos looked great.

But Superman himself? A bit of a bummer in that mopey blue suit. The red cape is not enough to distinguish the suit from that monotonous blue. Even if the red underpants are dated and out of the question, a belt of some kind would go a long way. But it looks like we're not getting that in "Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice," judging by the first look at the "new" suit:

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We put "new" in quotation marks, because there's really very little new about it, aside from the pouring rain of Gotham City. (That is Gotham, isn't it?) The silver streaks with the free-floating "belt buckle" didn't get the job done last time, and it's not getting the job done now.

Outside underpants might look silly in The Age of the Gritty Superhero, but a superhero fighting crime in his pajamas? Even sillier.

With almost two full years between now and "Dawn of Justice," there's still some time for Supes to get his undies on — some, but not much.

"Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice" arrives on May 6.