Tributes: It's Time To Support 'Hunger Games' In The Fandom Awards

This Ship of the Year might not set sail.

Katniss and Peeta might have managed to convince the citizens of Panem that their love is real, but it looks like their fandom still isn't quite sure. A little jabberjay from the mtvU Fandom Awards headquarters tells us that Everlark is falling behind in the race for Ship of the Year, where they're up against some stiff competition from some very popular OTPs.

[Artist's rendition of what might happen with Everlark on Awards Night.]

Can Tributes step in, and step up their voting, in time to see the Girl on Fire and the Boy with the Bread emerge victorious once again? Or will they stand on a balcony, drooling blood into a glass of champagne, glaring down at Katniss and letting her know with a barely perceptible shake of the head that they totally don't buy her love story? Cast your vote to let us know where you stand! If not with Everlark, then maybe with...

Johnlock, a.k.a. John Watson and Sherlock Holmes of "Sherlock"

After seeing their beloved boys of Baker Street reunited (and Sherlock raised from the dead) in series three, fans were reminded once again that there's never been a more perfectly gorgeous crime-solving couple. Mary? Mary who?

Destiel, a.k.a. Dean and Castiel of "Supernatural"

If you want to see Dean get touched by an angel — and kissed by an angel, and groped by an angel, and [bleeped] by an angel — you're so not alone.

Sterek, a.k.a. Stiles and Derek of "Teen Wolf"

Anyone who's seen these two together know that there's so much more there than just a platonic interspecies bromance between a confused young werewolf and a guy who's a human conduit for a vengeful spirit.

Delena, a.k.a. Damon and Elena of "Vampire Diaries"

After five years of TVD, fans are unwavering in their desire to see these two sink their teeth into each other.

Cast your vote for Ship of the Year and three other categories here, and don't miss the big reveal of the winners when we announce them at the 2014 San Diego Comic Con.