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SWUG, FOMO & DFMO: Your Guide To Sh*t That College Girls Say

YOLO is not on this list.

The only dictionary you'll find these words in is Urban Dictionary.


struhgz, noun

Used to convey or garner sympathy during a difficult time.

Synonyms: struggles, the struggle is real, any reference to a struggle bus

Rory: I have two AP exams tomorrow and a breaking feature due for Chilton's newspaper. UGH.

Lorelai: Struggs.

FOMO ( = Fear Of Missing Out)

foe • moe, noun

Wishing you could participate in an experience you weren't invited to or were unable to attend.

Miranda had extreme FOMO for missing her class trip to Rome with Lizzie and Gordo.

TL;DR ( = Too Long; Didn't Read)

tee • el • dee • are, punctuation

A brief summary of a four-paragraph email or other long-winded soliloquy.

TL;DR Gretchen Wieners is pissed at Regina George.

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babe • ease, noun


Synonyms: frosh

Beca's still a baby so she needs to be inducted into The Barden Bellas.

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SABS ( = Seen And Be Seen)

sabz, verb

Hanging out in a carefully picked location, often a trendy coffee shop, to seem like a socialite while casually people-watching all the passersby.

Blair and Serena are SABSing on the Met steps.

Real talk

reel • tawk, colloquial expression

A casual way to preface an honest opinion or question.

Real talk, what happened to all the high schoolers on Glee? They literally disappeared.

BYO ( = Bring Your Own)

be • why • oh, colloquial expression

This one's obvious.

We're going to see The Fault In Our Stars, BYO tissues.

DFMO ( = Dance Floor Make Out)

dif • moe, noun / verb

Making out with someone on a dance floor. Duh.

verb: Cher DMFOed with Elton for a hot sec last night.

noun: Elton was on the prowl for a DFMO.

I can't even

I • cant • eve • en, colloquial expression

Used to emphasize a feeling. Any feeling, really. Sometimes abbreviated to "I can't."

Jenna Marbles' pink hair streaks are so awesome that she can't even.

SWUG ( = Senior Washed Up Girl)

swuhg, adjective / noun

A state of being in which a college girl -- most commonly a second semester senior -- decides she no longer cares about the following: frat parties, wearing nice clothes to class, and people who judge you for eating McDonald's.

adjective: Regina George is embracing the SWUG life by wearing sweatpants.

noun: Regina George is such a SWUG for wearing sweatpants.

Congratulations! Now you can talk like the youths.