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Ariana Grande's Acoustic Version Of 'Problem' Is What Heaven Sounds Like

Could this version be more beautiful? Nope.

You thought you knew Ariana Grande's "Problem," but you had no idea. Until she took the stage at "Total Ariana Live" and stripped the smash dance hit down to a jazzy, breathy, and beautiful version that was as close to vocal nirvana as anyone will ever get.

Arianators are used to the slick, Iggy Azalea-backed, electro-pop version of the No. 1 hit. But in her "Total Ariana Live" version of "Problem," the 21-year-old, who'll be performing live at the 2014 VMAs, breathed new life into the song that's already been taking over the summer, turning the high-energy sax-backed smash into an intimate, touching ballad.

While the original is a carefree kiss-off, this revamp tapped into the pain of a breakup, serving as a reminder that not only can she sing, but she can always surprise.