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These Tim Howard Memes Are The Best Part Of Losing The World Cup

#ThingsTimHowardCouldSave is the funniest meme yet.

The U.S. team may have lost their shot at a World Cup win on Tuesday (July 1), falling short 2 - 1 against Belgium in extra time, but spirits haven't been completely dampened. Mainly because of goal keeper Tim Howard, who has been hoisted on America's shoulders as a national hero deserving of Mount Rushmore-levels of regard. He was even promoted to US Secretary of Defense temporarily on Wikipedia.

Memes of Howard's superhuman powers have been making rounds on social media, proposing the keeper could save everyone from Ned Stark to Mufasa with the hashtag #ThingsTimHowardCouldSave. Here's every hilarious 'shop worth seeing:

Tim Howard Could Have Saved Ned Stark And Prevented Joffrey's Illegitimate Rule

Tim Howard Also Could Have Saved Lysa Tully From Littlefinger (But Really, Who's Complaining Here?)

Tim Howard Could Totally Stop A T-Rex From Ruining This Man's Private Time

Actually, Tim Howard Could Have Prevented The Dinosaur Extinction From Ever Happening

Tim Howard Could Save Simba's Dad And The Pride Lands

Tim Howard Could Totally Save Robin Thicke's Marriage

Tim Howard Could Have Your Web Security On Lock

Tim Howard Could Have Let Taylor Finish First

And Because You Can't Have Enough "Game of Thrones" Memes, Tim Howard Could Have Saved The Red Wedding Guests