Happy July 4th: Here Are Celebs Eating Hot Dogs!

Put down the hot dog and check out celebrities putting down hot dogs.

It's the 4th of July, which means it's time for fireworks, fun in the sun (and sweating!), and shoving tubes of processed meat down our throats. Tubes of processed meat known as HOT DOGS! America!

Let's celebrate the gluttony that's no doubt surrounding you right at this very moment with some historic photos of famous people making like us normal folk. AKA, just eatin' some dogs. No bigs!

There's not much more to say on the subject (especially with a mouthful of Ball Park Frank) so let's simply enjoy celebrities enjoying hot dogs, shall we?

1). Lady Gaga: Are you gonna eat that dog, Gaga, or cover it in varnish and wear it in your hair?

2). President Obama And British Prime Minister David Cameron: World leaders that eat hot dogs together...

3). Maria Menounos: Hot dog duck face. It's a thing.

4). Heidi Montag: Speidi is so close that Spencer is enjoying Heidi's hot dog via osmosis. Look at that smile!

5). Kim Kardashian: #YouDidNotEatThat.

6). Justin Bieber: The two-handed hot dog grip!

7). Snooki: What? Like you don't match your boots to your hot dogs?

8). Betty White: The dog-to-bun ratio is way off, but Betty White is flawless, so whatever.

9). Bill Clinton: SO. MUCH. SYMBOLISM.

10). Elvira: Even the mistress of the dark likes hot dogs!

11). Bill Cosby: Insert obvious joke about pudding.

12). Miley Cyrus: Presented sans comment.