These Young Adults Have One Thing In Common: They're All Walking On 'Virgin Territory'

Meet the first five cast members from MTV's new docu-series.

As Taylor Swift (and her roster of heartache songs) can tell you, love ain't easy. Throw the subject of sex into the mix and all bets are off, especially if you're still navigating the often-tricky world of virginity. Awkward talks with your parents, friends who can't relate to your V-card status, and the pressure to succumb to temptation are all par for the course.

MTV's new docu-series, "Virgin Territory," will explore the lives of 15 young adults who have yet to swipe their V-card -- they're either waiting until marriage or trying to lose it. We'll be making cast introductions leading up to the July 16 premiere, starting with these five folks:

Dominique, 22

The Marlboro, Maryland, resident is breaking family barriers by choosing to remain celibate until the right man comes along -- she was raised in a household in which many of her family members had children out of wedlock. Dominique, who lives by the motto "No ringy, no dingy!", isn't just vowing save herself until marriage -- she's also determined to improve her rocky relationship with her mother.

Lisa, 23

The Sarasota, Florida, Christian is engaged and counting down the days to her wedding night. A firm believer in no sex before marriage, Lisa longs to fully give herself to her fiancé Nick but is also nervous about the prospect of married life. As her special day approaches, Lisa prays her sick father will be well enough to attend.

Kyle, 20

This young man has been living a lie: the St. Augustine, Florida, resident has been keeping his V-card status a secret from his hard-partying college pals for fear of what they might think. When he finally admits he's a virgin, an ex-girlfriend comes into the picture and is more than happy to help Kyle seal the deal.

Luke, 22

The son of a pastor, Luke was raised with strong Christian values in a small Minnesota town. Upon going away to college, he attracted lots of female attention -- and proceeded to date a lot of ladies. Dubbed the "Kissing Bandit," Luke has a tough time balancing his moral boundaries with his raging hormones. As he says, "The toughest part about being a virgin is not being able to have sex."

Mikaela, 19

The Corvallis, Oregon, teen is over being abstinent and is on the lookout for a friendly, tatted-up hipster to swipe her V-card. While her friends poke fun at her virgin status, Mikaela decides to embark on a manhunt, traveling south to Los Angeles in the hopes of finding her dream boo.

Tune in to the premiere of "Virgin Territory" on Wednesday, July 16 at 11/10c!