Everything Arthur The Aardvark Can Tell Us About Arthur The Hurricane


If you've been watching the weather reports, you know that a wily, windy tropical storm named Arthur is currently blustering about on the lower east coast, getting ready to turn into a big sloppy hurricane and ruin everyone's 4th of July.

Fortunately, there's a young aardvark out there in the pop culture universe who doesn't want his namesake hurricane to do any more damage than it has to. And with the help of Arthur the Aardvark, you can be so damn ready for Arthur the Hurricane that he'll be no more than a blip on your radar (no matter how big a mess he makes on the weatherman's).

Just follow the steps on this list, and no matter how rainy and windy, it'll still be a wonderful kind of day. HEY!

Be ready to wait at the airport; strong winds and heavy rain will wreak havoc with air travel.

And road-trippers, beware: dangerous flooding may occur.

Anything that's not tied down should be safely stowed inside.

And you should probably take some "before" pictures of your property, in case it's underwater afterward.

You'll know the hurricane is getting close when animals start acting... funny.

Once it arrives, stay inside and watch the weather report.

Stock up now on a few good books to get you through any power outages.

In the event of dangerous winds, take shelter in a room with no windows.

Don't forget to blog about your experience for posterity.

Above all, be safe... and vigilant for the signs of cabin fever.

Arthur will whirl jauntily into a city near you, just in time for July 4th.

But don't worry. This storm isn't going to bring on the apocalypse... probably.