We'd Never Let 'Wild 'N Out''s Rip Michaels And Shawty Babysit Our Kids, And Here's Why

The funnymen offered questionable parental guidance to a tiny tot, but thankfully, she was just a prop.

The comedians picked to participate in "Wild 'N Out"'s Comedy Improv Theater have all -- without question -- risen to the occasion.

Akaash Singh and Jack Thriller turned tentacles into ratchet fingernails, Karlous Miller and Natasha Rothwell made frenemies with a wolf head, and Blair Christian and Kojo provided PG humor about a blow-up doll. None were easy tasks, but the jokesters successfully made us chuckle.

Now, in the final installment of our impromptu theater, it would appear that Rip Michaels and Shawty have it made in the shade compared to the rest of the cast. The reason: Both men are dads in real life, and their assigned prop is a baby. Surely they have plenty of stellar parenting advice, right? Not exactly.

"Listen here, baby girl: Don't fall for the ding-dongs. Don't fall for the lies," Shawty says in the clip below.

Sounds solid -- until he suddenly breaks into laughter. So how does Rip do?

"She looks like Shawty, kind of, because her mouth is open like that," he tells the cameras. "You see that?"

"You," Shawty responds, "are a pedophile."

Perhaps the two should ask their boss Nick Cannon for some parenting tips.

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