Nev Schulman And Max Joseph's Dream 'Catfish' Is The President's Daughter

Who says Malia Obama isn't looking for love?

Since the very first episode of "Catfish," in which an 18-year-old student named Chelsea posed online as a sought-after model named Jamison to earn the affection of girls on the web, Nev Schulman and Max Joseph have unearthed dozens of virtual liars who have exaggerated their wealth, looks or social standing to get what they wanted. But if you flipped this particular concept on its head, what would you get?

Max and Nev's dream episode, of course!

In the interview below, the sleuths explain that one type of story they've been dying to explore -- but haven't yet had the chance to -- involves a high society figure who discounts his or her own status through a fake social media profile to earn genuine love. In other words: The "Coming to America" premise.

"There is one situation that we keep hoping for...which is that someone -- a royal or an aristocrat or someone very high-born -- is going online and...essentially slumming it," Max explains in the video.

"...In the hopes of finding someone who loves them for them, not their fame or money or status," Nev concludes.

So, in an ideal world, who might the Catfish be?

"If Malia Obama had a fake profile so she could meet boys...and we get the guy and he's like 'Yeah, I've been talking to this girl. Her name's Jackie, she seems great, she lives in D.C.,'" he envisions. "And we go there and the address is, like, 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue!"

"That would be a great episode," Max declares.

No arguments here! Tell us what you think of Max and Nev's ideal story, watch Nev address his Season 3 frustrations and be sure to catch an all new "Catfish" episode tonight at 10/9c!

Photo: Pamela Littky