Kate Upton Is Topless On Instagram And You Are Going To Look At It

She woke up like this.

If you woke up this morning to find that all your wifi-connectable deviced had been reduced to a smoking pile of ash and rubble, now you'll know who to blame. It was undoubtedly the fault of Kate Upton, who posted a topless, tousled selfie to Instagram without adequately fireproofing the entire world beforehand. (And let's not even talk about the part where it's hashtagged #nofilter).

This is the first ever-so-slightly risque shot to appear on Upton's Instagram, which usually showcases peeks at the model's life behind the scenes on photo shoots or spending time with friends. But the photo strikes a frankly genius balance, managing to be both outrageously sexy and safe for work at the same time, thanks to an artfully placed bedsheet.

Still, take care not to look too long, lest your eyeballs and/or your pants spontaneously combust.