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Lecrae Takes Rappers Who Talk About 'Nuthin' To Task With His New Single

The Reach Records rapper drops the first single from Anomaly.

Lecrae named his upcoming album Anomaly. He did so, presumably, because he feels that word describes who he is. And his first single from the project lyrically illustrates why.

"Let me guess, you counting money to the ceiling/ Difference 'tween us like at least a couple million/ It's foreign cars, pretty girls everywhere you go/ Yeah I heard it 30 times on the radio," the Reach Records founder raps to open "Nuthin," which he dropped on Tuesday (July 1).

In his second verse, Crae points out what he feels like other rappers aren't talking about: "And every song talking 'bout they selling work on every corner/ Don't talk about the laws, taking kids away from mommas/ Don't talk about your homie in the trauma 'cause he shot up."

The last line sounds like a personal reference to a story Lecrae told MTV News last year.

“When you see your cousin go inside a party, he comes outside, sits in the car and pow, pow, catches two to the head, you start thinking about life and death and the reality of that,” he said. “That really happened to my cousin.”

Anomaly is set to drop in August.