'Hunger Games' Stars Liam Hemsworth And Woody Harrelson Are Going Western

Co-stars will link up again for 'By Way of Helena.'

By Maurice Bobb

Before Liam Hemsworth and Woody Harrelson return to Panem for “Mockingjay,” the third installment of “Hunger Games,” they're going West for “By Way of Helena.”

Deadline reports that Australian auteur Kieran Darcy-Smith, known for the independent film “Wish You Were Here,” has been tapped to direct the revenge action Western written by Matt Cook. Todd Lieberman and David Hoberman will serve as producers, while Nathalie Marciano is the executive producer.

Hemsworth will play the role of David, an 1880s Texas Ranger set out to investigate a series of mysterious murders in an isolated frontier town. Hemsworth’s David will face off against Harrelson’s Abraham, a local preacher ruling the townsfolk through fear.

While Hemsworth and Harrelson have been in three of the Hunger Games blockbusters together, they have never shared screentime together.

Filming for “By Way of Helena” is scheduled to begin in September.