Dimitri Hakke/Redferns

CHVRCHES Call 'Bullsh--' On Linkin Park's Mike Shinoda

Band responds after Shinoda compared their music to 'Disney commercial music.'

Most musicians wouldn't exactly like it if a fellow artist compared your stuff to "Disney commercial music," but apparently, if it's coming from Linkin Park's Mike Shinoda, no one really cares.

Back in April, Shinoda told Noisey, "There’s so much music out there; there’s so much stuff that sounds like Haim or CHVRCHES or Vampire Weekend that I’m full. The thing I’m hungry for is not that. I turn on the rock station in L.A. and it sounds like Disney commercial music."

And in a new interview with joiz, Scotland-born CHVRCHES brushed Shinoda off as irrelevant, with guitarist Iain Cook calling his dig 'pointless.'

While she took the time to say his comments were complete "bullsh--" lead vocalist Lauren Mayberry said at the end of the day, she doesn't care what Shinoda thinks.

"It's not an opinion I would worry about hugely. It’s not my kind of music. They’ve been on the radio for how long, and I just don’t listen to that radio station. That’s a smarter move than saying something for a tagline," she said. "I think that's silly. Live and let live. I will continue to probably not buy Linkin Park albums."