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Lil Wayne Makes Predictions About LeBron, Melo And The NBA's Biggest Free Agents

Tunechi weighs in on NBA free agency.

With reporting by Nadeska Alexis

Lil Wayne didn't just become one of rap's best sports-punchline-crafting MCs by guessing. The man knows his sports.

He's appears regularly on ESPN's "First Take," and occasionally kicks it courtside at NBA games. So of course he has an opinion on the biggest questions of this NBA off-season, like where marquee free agents like LeBron James and Carmelo Anthony will sign.

"Honestly, I think Bron might go to Cleveland, and you might see a [Chris] Bosh or somebody like that follow him," Tunehci told MTV News on the set of his "Krazy" video early Tuesday morning (July 1).

"I think Bron going back home," he added, referencing both that LeBron is from Ohio, and that he began his professional career there with the Cavs. "Especially with Kyrie [Irving] signing that extension." (Irving, currently the team's best player, agreed to his extension in the early morning Tuesday -- the same time Weezy was shooting his video...Like we said, he knows his sh--.)

As for Carmelo?

"I think everybody know Melo going to Chicago," Wayne said in a prediction delivered with the kind of confidence we've grown accustomed to in his raps. "Said and done."

Actually, hold that thought.

"Don't mark my word on that," he backtracked. "But I kinda think it's said and done."

Even if he's not 100% certain where the basketball stars will go, he's seems to have a little better grasp on the NBA than he does the release date of his own album, Tha Carter V -- considering he told MTV News will either drop in July, August or September.

Said and done.