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Robin Thicke Handles The Haters In Twitter Chat

He's a big boy. He can handle the hate.

He's just tryin' to get his girl back, y'all! Maybe it's the relentless pursuit of his ex, or it's fans who perceive him as misogynist and sexist. But Robin Thicke's new album, Paula, and its lead single, "Get Her Back," have unleashed a backlash against the singer who had all of us seeing "Blurred Lines" last summer.

Is he coming on too hard? Is all the public begging and pleading getting creepy? Why is he all beat up in the "Get Her Back" video? On the day he released his album (which the singer said he wrote in about two weeks), Thicke dropped by VH1 for a Twitter chat with fans who sidestepped a lot of the more cheeky, and let's face it, downright mean, queries and trolls in favor of some tamer questions.

Here are six of our favorite Q&A's from his VH1 Twitter chat on Tuesday (July 1):

We're not sure if Robin saw the hundreds of other questions that didn't make it into the brief chat (and trust us, some of them were BRUTAL), but don't worry, he's got this. "I'm a big boy," he told his fans. "I can handle it."

Good luck, big boy.