Hey 'Frozen' Fans: 'Once Upon A Time' Has Cast Kristoff And Anna

Do you wanna build a TV show?

It's happening, it's happening! ABC's "Once Upon a Time" has found its Kristoff and Anna. The "Frozen" takeover continues!

Before you get too excited we should say this: no, Adele Dazeem (f.k.a. Idina Menzel), Kristen Bell, and Jonathan Groff are not reprising their roles (sorry). Instead we will have Scott Michael Foster as Kristoff and Elizabeth Lail as Anna.

If the duo's names are unfamiliar to you, fear not — we've come to set you straight.

Scott Michael Foster

If that face looks familiar to you then perhaps you're a fan of ABC Family's show, "Greek"? The series, which ran for 4 years, saw Foster tackle the role of Cappie — the wild 'n' crazy president of Kappa Tau. He also appeared in several episodes of "Californication" and AMC's 80s computer drama "Halt and Catch Fire."

Elizabeth Lail

Relative newcomer Elizabeth Lail is hitting the big leagues for the first time with her role on OUAT. Previously she'd only been featured in two shorts (according to IMBD) called "Model Airplane" and "Without."

And if you're hoping for a straight recreation of the film, think again. Speaking with E! News, OUAT's co-creator Adam Horowitz had this to say: "Well, it's funny, we're not going to redo the movie, because we just don't feel like it's in anyone's interest for us to redo it ... [W]e're very aware of what we think makes ... Frozen so special and we want to honor that and make sure that what we do is in the universe."

According to TVLine, Anna will be just as fun-loving and fearless as her optimistic movie counterpart, getting into all sorts of trouble and shenanigans (though it's never anything she can't handle, of course). Kristoff, on the other hand, will continue to be made of a heartier stock, complete with gruff, emotional closed-off-ness. "When we first meet him on Once, he is adjusting to life at the castle — including sleeping indoors for the first time in his life."