Find Out Which '16 And Pregnant' Dads Stuck Around

We're following up on all the teen fathers who are still with the mother of their children.

Statistics have shown that most teen fathers don't say "I do" to the mother of their children and so far, that certainly rings true on this season of "16 and Pregnant."

Out of the dozen duos, only DJ and Summer, and Tony and Karley, have wed. But despite not having walked down the aisle, several teen dads have stayed in a relationship with their baby mama. Here's a look at the fathers who stuck around:


The young dad said on last night's reunion special that he plans to pursue a career in psychical therapy to make a better -- and more financially stable -- future for his family. To that end, he and girlfriend Jordan have moved from Texas back to Maryland so he can go to college.


He tied the knot with Summer when she was 16, and it's been a rocky road since. One reason: DJ slept with another girl. And while the couple has reconciled -- they even shared a kiss on the reunion -- Summer admits she isn't over the betrayal.


While he and girlfriend Autumn say that their relationship has improved, the longtime couple have frequently broken up and gotten back together. That may be because Dustin has cheated several times -- even when Autumn was pregnant with Baby Drake. The young mom says she hasn't forgiven her beau but is trying to look past his infidelities for the sake of their son.


Even though he's still struggling with Courtney's decision to return to abstinence, Scott is staying by her side. Courtney insists she isn't testing her boyfriend by not having sex, saying she made the choice for herself.


Both he and Millina hooked up with others when they split, but according to the teen mom, they're "pretty much" in a relationship. While Millina admits their romance is complicated, she's hopeful that she and Trevor will settle down one day.


The young dad is working full-time and stepping up financially. In fact, he, wife Karley and their twin girls are no longer living with Karley's mom -- a situation that had been a major source of stress in their relationship.


He and Aleah have their hands full with his son from a previous relationship, plus their daughter Peyton. And while Aleah is on birth control, Shawn is considering a vasectomy to ensure they don't have any more children.

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