macklemore/ Instagram

Macklemore's Kitten Is In A Box, You Guys. A Box.

Cairo assumes her most adorable position yet. Yes, it matters.

You knew Macklemore's cat, Cairo, was cute, but not this cute. The frisky kitten was spotted in a cardboard box early Tuesday morning (July 1), and Cairettes are swooning.

The furry fluffball has been gracing the rapper's Instagram lately and now she even has enough star power for an account of her own, which has amassed more than 81,000 followers. That's a lot of kitty clout.

Sporting her usual striped, gray coat and dainty whiskers, the quirky cat was caught snoozing inside a board game box. Could this catnap be caused by a crazy night out, or is the feline just overdue for a rest?

As usual, we're skeptical.