From ‘Lost’ To Found: Cynthia Watros Is A Mom On A Mission In ‘Finding Carter’

She was an island castaway on the popular ABC series almost a decade ago -- now she's playing a cop who wants justice for her abducted daughter.

If you want TV comedy, seek anything starring Tina Fey. In the mood for romance? Check out the latest "Bachelor." But if drama's what you're after, look no further than Cynthia Watros.

On the new MTV series "Finding Carter," Cynthia will play a police officer named Elizabeth Wilson who discovers that her teenage daughter, who was abducted as a child, is alive and well. And once Carter is reclaimed, Elizabeth will go through hell to find justice. Sound intense? It is, but thankfully, that's Cynthia's bag.

The actress, who was born in suburban Michigan, first burst onto the Hollywood scene in 1994 as Annie Dutton on "Guiding Light." Cynthia proved to be a natural on the soap opera circuit (she played an alcoholic, pill-popping thief with ease, she recently told MTV News) and for her efforts, she won the 1998 Daytime Emmy for Lead Actress in a Drama Series. Yup, Cynthia officially contributed to Susan Lucci's 18-year curse -- and was the last woman who won before Lucci finally got her hands on a trophy in 1999.

After parting ways with the character of Annie, Cynthia tried her hand at comedy, landing a role on "The Drew Carey Show" as Drew's childhood friend and eventual love interest. She also played a pushover named Erin with a family full of dysfunctional addicts and alcoholics on "Titus."

But she couldn't stay away from drama for long. In 2005, Cynthia joined ABC's hugely popular "Lost," playing a clinical psychologist named Libby who was seated in the tail section of Oceanic Airlines Flight 815 when it crashed. Libby was known for striking up a romance with Hurley -- but was accidentally shot to death while retrieving blankets for a date with him.

Now, after subsequent appearances on "Gossip Girl," "House M.D." and "Grey's Anatomy" (as well as a second soap opera berth on "The Young and the Restless"), Cynthia will fight for her child when "Finding Carter" premieres on Tuesday, July 8, at 10/9c. Hang tight for the first episode, and check back with MTV News starting tomorrow for interviews with Cynthia and "Carter" co-star Kathryn Prescott!

Photo: Rene Cervantes