Lana Del Rey Dies In The New Version Of The 'Shades Of Cool' Video

What a difference one scene makes.

Lana Del Rey's moody video for "Shades Of Cool" was all Charmin' Carmen singing in the garden with her older paramour. The director's cut of the vid, however, is a bit more... well, that part in "Lolita" where Humbert Humbert shoots Quilty and everyone else basically dies, too.

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The change is subtle in the Jake Nava-directed video. Lana still frolics with her lover, played by tattoo artist Mark Mahoney, but while the first video portrayed a rather wistful, carefree relationship -- Lana swimming, eating strawberries, collapsing with laughter -- the second ends on a darker note. Lana drowns. And there's also a muddled scene in which it looks like she might be suffering some other kind of violence.

The release of the video comes on the heels of a controversy drummed up via a story in The Guardian in which Del Rey told a reporter, “I wish I was dead already," a statement she later said was the result of leading questions by journalist Tim Jonze. Jonze has since defended himself against Del Rey's accusations, which also drew fire from Frances Bean Cobain, daughter of late Nirvana singer Kurt Cobain.