Iggy Azalea Is 'In The Movie Business,' But WTF Does That Mean?

Iggy may fancy up the silver screen.

I woke up this morning to a mystery, and I'm calling on all you Azaleans out there to solve it.

Queen Iggy Azalea wrote on Twitter today (July 1) that she's "in the movie business," which might mean anything. And naturally, I could wait to see what she's talking. But it's the 21st century, and I'm a firm believer in instant gratification.

It just isn't fair that artists get to tease us like this. It's an injustice.

Therefore, I'm taking matters into my own hands -- with you trusty readers at my side -- and we're going to figure this out together.

Actual movie

I think the most obvious guess would be that yes, she's actually in an upcoming movie... which would make sense because Iggy's already pretty glamorous and movie star-like. But what kind of movie are we talking?

Earlier this summer, the rapper doled out some old-timey movie inspo on her Instagram, much like pal Ariana Grande did when filming her "Break Free" video.

Iggy as a vampire? Iggy as a kung fu master? Iggy as a cavewoman hiding from aliens? Who knows if those photos were for character research... or maybe she was just looking for a fantastic bikini.


Many people tease their lyrics online, so Iggy's latest post might be hinting at a new song. After all, she already has a track called "Murda Bizness" with T.I. Maybe it's the "Movie Bizness" follow-up?

But nah, "business" doesn't rhyme with "excited."

Music video

I-G-G-Y could have just been talking about her "Fancy" video. I mean, I know she recreated "Clueless" and everything, but it seems a little late to be referencing it now. Do you think she could be in a "Clueless" reboot?


I have a feeling I might be getting closer... Iggy already had "I'm Coming Out" in "The Other Woman," and she lent "Bounce" to "Vampire Academy." Who's to say that the rapper isn't going to score an entire film?

Home Videos

Azalea did just get a puppy. Maybe she's filming the pooch to send off to "AFV"?

What do you think Iggy's up to? Give me your suggestions in the comments!