How Well Do The Stars Of 'Girl Meets World' Know The '90s?

Here's a hint: They weren't born yet.

Everyone knows the '90s: We've all rocked velcro and off-the-shoulder tees, reflected neon colors onto our Tamagotchis and coveted an original tuxedo Furby. Knowledge of this prior decade seems so ubiquitous that it's hard to imagine a person who isn't a walking encyclopedia of trivia from late last century.

Unless, of course, those people were barely even a thought in their parents' heads.

"Boy Meets World" was a staple show of the '90s, a sitcom that followed Cory Matthews (Ben Savage) through his adolescence. Everyone watched it, and everyone loved it. Except for the stars of its new spin-off series, "Girl Meets World," who weren't even born yet.

Stars Rowan Blanchard and Sabrina Carpenter, who head up the next generation of the show, stopped by MTV News headquarters in New York City to chat about the show. Of course, we couldn't help ourselves from giving them a pop quiz on the best decade they never got to experience for themselves. What do Carpenter and Blanchard think a pog is? What about gak? Most importantly: Backstreet or Nsync? Watch the clip above to find out.