Kevin Smith

Why Is Kevin Smith Crying On The 'Star Wars' Set?

Tears of nerd joy!

"Some … celestial event. No words. No words to describe it. Poetry. They should have sent a poet. So beautiful. So beautiful. I had no idea."

These are the sobbing words of Jodie Foster in "Contact," when she witnesses an extraterrestrial miracle for the very first time. But they may as well be the words of Kevin Smith, who just witnessed an extraterrestrial miracle of his own.

The "Clerks" creator visited the set of "Star Wars: Episode VII" this week, the first film in Disney and Lucasfilm's planned revival of the "Star Wars" franchise. And while Smith is sworn to secrecy regarding what he saw on the "Episode VII" set, his selfie is worth a thousand words:

Holy Sith, indeed. What could he have seen to illicit such an extreme reaction? With "Star Wars" still close to two years away from release, we aren't likely to know anytime soon. For now, we can just imagine that Smith's "Star Wars" visit went a little something like this:

"Star Wars: Episode VII" hits theaters on December 18, 2015.