'16 And Pregnant' Reunion: Have Savannah's, Millina's And Summer's Moms Kicked Their Addictions?

Find out who overcame their addictions -- and who didn't.

Three teen moms struggled to cope with their mothers' addictions on this season's "16 and Pregnant." Summer's mother Katrina abused painkillers and was facing the possibility of a two-year prison sentence for writing bad checks. Savannah's alcoholic mother Melanie continued to drink even after the arrival of her grandson Rowan. And Millina's mother Raychelle was serving time behind bars for drug possession.

On tonight's reunion special, the young women sat down with host Dr. Drew and gave updates on their mothers' dilemmas. Read on to find out who's kicked the habit -- and who hasn't:


Summer was supposed to be joined by her mom Katrina at the reunion, but the latter turned out to be a no-show.

"You cannot depend on her for anything," a resigned Summer said. And while Katrina's unpredictable behavior was certainly disappointing, her daughter has come to expect it.

"She's done [pills] since I was nine," Summer explained, adding that she's wary of inheriting her mother's addiction. "I wouldn't even take pain pills, after my labor."

As for Katrina's legal woes, she wound up getting 10 years of probation.


Shortly after her brief recap played, Savannah tearfully admitted that she felt "embarrassed" because her mother's addiction had once been "easy to hide because it wasn't public."

Their issues were certainly less than private this season: Savannah famously confronted Melanie and then called police on her. She admits now that the incident was painful.

"For so long, it was me and my mom, and all we had was each other. And I feel like confronting her that way only hurt her feelings," she said before breaking down.

Dr. Drew, meanwhile, said Melanie has the tools she needs to become sober. "She knows what she needs to do," he said, "but she's just not doing it."


Raychelle has traveled a rough road since her daughter's episode aired: She left rehab early, and her boyfriend died on her birthday. But Dr. Drew frowned upon the fact that she'd had a beau at all. The reason: She'd met him at rehab.

"You're not allowed to get a boyfriend in treatment," he said. "That's against the rules."

But Millina said her mother is doing "wonderful" and attends meetings regularly. Still, she admitted that she worries Raychelle will eventually relapse.

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