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We Turned The Saddest Lines On Robin Thicke's Album Into The Saddest Poem Ever

The singer's Paula is out today and dedicated to his wife.

We've all dealt with relationship strife in some form -- but I've never had my marriage of nearly a decade fall apart (partially since I'm not married, I guess).

But I felt like that was my reality while listening to Robin Thicke's new album, Paula, which dropped on Tuesday (July 1) and is named after his estranged wife, Paula Patton. Despite the moments of upbeat funk ("Living In New York City") and catchy dance pop ("Tippy Toes"), the overwhelming feeling permeating the album is one of sadness.

Almost every song, to varying degrees, contains pleas, regrets, apologies and longing for brighter days -- all in an effort to "Get Her Back" (which, not coincidentally, is the title of the album's lead single).

Scattered throughout the project, the words Thicke sings are pretty damn sad, and make you wanna tell someone that you love them, and not let 'em go, so you won't end up feeling like he sounds.

But when pieced together to create a poem of desperation and deflation, like we've done below, those words become really, really, really sad.

Grab your tissues.

Best of luck, Robin.

When I kissed her, she pulled away, and I knew it was over

All that she wants is the opposite of me

I'll wait for forever for you to love me again

'Cause I, I just can't stop thinking 'bout those days

I'm down on my knees begging you please, baby

Please, please, please, please, please, please, please

Now she's locked the door 'cause you broke the key

At least open the doggy door

Baby let me in

Face down in a puddle of shame

Too little, too late

Please, please, please, please, please, please, please

Pretty, pretty please

Pretty, pretty please

I remember when I was the only one you called

Everything's changed

I'll never make it without you

Good thing we will always be best friends