Kitty Pedals And Pouts In 'Marijuana' Video

No training wheels, guys!

Kitty (née Pryde) put on her pensive face in her new video for "Marijuana." And, apparently, learned to ride a bike -- kind of.

"Wanted to share my new video for my most recent release, 'Marijuana,' shot by my friend Shomi Patwary and edited by me," the rapper wrote today in an email to her mailing list. "I don't really know how to ride a bike and you can probably tell."

The song, produced by Chrome Sparks, is a hazy summer jam befitting its name that has us just aching to get out into the heat. In the video, Kitty pedals around what looks like Chinatown in her current hometown of New York City, rocking her signature knee socks and some serious malaise.

Kick push, coast, kid -- and maybe put on a helmet?