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Jay Z Gets Sexual With Beyonce On The 'Partition' Remix: Read The Lyrics

Hov threw a few bars on the beginning of Bey's single.

If you tuned into the 2014 BET Awards Sunday night, expecting to see Jay Z and Beyonce perform, as advertised, you may have been a little disappointed when it came time for the power couple to close the show. They performed, yes -- but not live in Los Angeles. Instead, we got some footage of their On The Run Tour.

But if you weren't shouting at your TV in frustration, then you likely caught something just as -- if not more -- worth the wait: A new Jay Z verse.

Hov added a few bars to the beginning of Bey's hit "Partition" in the aired video, sprinkling his classic Jay flair all over the raunchy fan-favorite. Not one to be outdone, Mr. Carter brought his own R-rated rhymes to the single, for his verse, which clocked in at just about half-a-minute.

On paper (or screen), it looks like this:

"Wet, wet skeet skeeted on the Met dress/ uh, word to Ricardo Tisci/ She like, 'Oh my God,' I'm like, 'Nice to meet me'/ Damn, girl, you got that Versace/ Left the curtains open for the paparazzi/ A little TMI for you, TMZ/ Hope I get my on your D-I-C on your E-Y-E/ Uh, the K silent, I'm a Brooklyn n---a/ I let the K (sound affect) on you lookin' n---as/ It's to the death case you wondering/ I don't need a hundred bitches 'cause my bitch keep it one hundred/ One hundred..."

And it sounds like this:

Ho-va, Ho-va.