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'Lab Rats' Star Kelli Berglund Wants To Be The Next Scarlett Johansson

Sisters in black spandex.

"Lab Rats" star Kelli Berglund has been playing Bree Davenport -- a bionic teen with super speed, super dexterity, and the ability to mimic any sound -- for three seasons now, which pretty much makes her a bona fide superhero in our book. So when Berglund stopped by MTV News headquarters in preparation for the June 30 return of her show on Disney XD, we just had to ask: has all of this small screen butt-kicking led to big screen aspirations?

"Black Widow in ["The Avengers"]," she said when asked what superhero she'd want to emulate. "I feel a connection with her because she's the only girl, just like I am on my show, and she totally kicks butt. And her suit kind of looks like mine, so, I want to be Scarlett Johansson!"

Who doesn't? But with her ability to do stunts, her familiarity with superpowers, and, most importantly, her experience in kicking and punching while wearing black spandex, Berglund has something the rest of us lack -- experience.

"I totally see myself one day doing those big screen kind of movies," she concluded. "Being the lead girl in an action film like [Johansson] is, that would honestly be a dream of mine."