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Miley Cyrus Pulls A Lena Dunham And Bathes With Her Dog

Trend alert.

Whenever life gives you a bejeweled shower cap, grab your puppy and take naked selfies. That's how the saying goes right, Miley Cyrus?

Early Monday morning (June 30), Miley shared a snap of her and new pup Emu Coyne Cyrus in the bathroom getting ready for a dip in the tub. Earlier in the day she made a shrine to Floyd, her husky that passed away earlier this year.

But this isn't the first doggie shower selfie we've seen. A week ago, Lena Dunham got wet with her pooch, sharing the moment for all to see on her Instagram.

So if Lena's done it, and Miley's done it, you should do it too.

And if a trend is a trend, you'll post a selfie on Instagram while you do it.

Creepy? No.